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The Mark

Stage One - Founders Lane

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The Mark is the culmination of a creative process to produce something that is of inherent value for the city of Canberra.

A maker’s mark is their signature of authenticity and quality. It’s their stamp of approval, designed to stand the test of time. It reveals the origins of how a finished piece came to be.

DA approved. Construction commenced.

Inspired by our history.
Designed for your future.

The Mark symbolises the start of something new for Canberra. Located at the corner of Cooyong Street and Ainslie Avenue, it sits at the cusp of urban and suburban interfaces. Its architectural design reflects its unique location.

An urban playground.

Nestled between Braddon and the CBD, Founders Lane is set to bring a fresh new wave of life to the city centre. The precinct’s unrivalled location offers residents the best in city living

Founders Lane is more than just an address. It’s a place to meet. It’s an array of possibilities. It’s a new experience every day. A new taste. A new place. A fresh new look. See and explore Canberra in a whole new way.

Artist Impression

Built for community.

Safe and secure, The Mark provides an exclusive enclave for a thriving residential community. A range of communal spaces has been incorporated in the design. Enjoy a BBQ on the rooftop with friends as you watch the sunset over the City, pick fresh herbs in the communal vegetable garden to add to your dinner or read a book in the private residents’ lounge.

Artist Impression

Meet the people
behind The Mark.

Developer and Sales

JWLand is an Australian property development company with a local presence and a national profile. It is a significant participant in the residential property industry particularly in Canberra where its Head Office is located. JWLand’s current projects include Campbell 5, an all-encompassing destination village and park side living quarter situated in Campbell, one of Canberra’s oldest and most prestigious suburbs. Staff from JWLand’s Founders Lane team are Canberra locals who bring together many years of knowledge and industry experience in property, development and construction management in Canberra and the surrounding region.